Safe holiday

In this difficult time and aware of the repercussions that COVID-19 is in the world, we all want to remind you of our commitment to the health and safety of our guests and collaborators.

Our thoughts turn to all the people involved in the different countries, their families and their loved ones.

Sanitation of the rooms

At each departure, the room and bathroom are sanitized, sanitized and ventilated for at least 60 minutes.

More frequent cleaning of air conditioning systems

Both the inflow of external air and the frequency of cleaning the filters with the use of suitable disinfectants have been maximized.

Safety equipment for guests and hotel staff

Specific individual protection equipment has been provided for hotel staff and the Safety Kit (mask and sachets of disinfectant gel) will be available for guests. Guests will also find numerous hand sanitizer gel dispensers in all public areas and in hotel bars and restaurants.

Sanitation and reorganization of common areas

All the common areas of the hotel are sanitized and sanitized several times a day with specific equipment. The areas have been reorganized to ensure social distancing and an adequate level of security. In this regard, special signs have been prepared that will help the guest to maintain the appropriate distance, to follow the anti-contagion rules and the correct routes to enter and exit the hotel and common areas.

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