Joe Petrosino's House Museum

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The museum set up in the birthplace of the Italian-American policeman Giuseppe "joe" Petrosino, born in Padula on August 30, 1860, is the only house-museum in Italy dedicated to a representative of the police. joe returned to italy from new york, where he emigrated with his parents at the age of 13, to investigate the links between the american and sicilian mafia before continuing on to palermo, where he was assassinated on march 12, 1909. originals from the Petrosino house, still with the furnishings and objects of the time. in the bedroom, in addition to the baby cot, covered with tulle, and the toiletries placed on the small cabinet with mirror, you can see the original period photographs of joe petrosino's family members. in the dining room, furnished with Art Nouveau furniture, is the table set with the family crockery and napkins with the monogram. The Petrosino generations follow one another in the paintings and photographs on the walls or placed on the furniture. starting with original films that revive the investigations of the padula policeman, continuing with visual documents taken from the Rai Teche archives, up to the chronicles of our days, the protagonists and victims of the relentless fight against mafia crime

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