The Cilento White Fig- The White Artichoke of Pertosa

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The Cilento white fig is an Italian fruit and vegetable product that identifies the dried fruits of the species Ficus carica domestica L. - biotypes referable to the Dottato cultivar - grown in the geographical area of ​​Cilento.

Cilento figs, peeled and left to dry in the sun.

Packed white figs from Cilento, in various preparations and final presentations.

Since 10 March 2006, at a European level, the white fig of Cilento enjoys the protected designation of origin.

The Cilento White Fig is very digestible and is smaller than the common red fig. Its skin does not change color during ripening; the inside is brownish tending to white, rich in fibers and sugars.

The white artichoke of Pertosa

The name expresses its most evident characteristic: it is an artichoke with a very light color, pale green, silvery white. The inflorescences are large, round, globose, without thorns, with a characteristic hole at the top.

The peculiarities of Bianco di Pertosa are numerous, but above all the resistance to low temperatures, the pale color (a light greenish, almost white), the sweetness and the extraordinary delicacy of the internal bracts should be noted. Features that make it an excellent artichoke to eat raw, perhaps in a pinzimonio with the extra virgin olive oil of the area. Ideal gastronomic marriage that also combines the two main agricultural vocations of the area: the tiny fields of artichokes (almost always a few hundred square meters), in fact, traditionally alternate with olive trees.

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