The Gleaner of Sapri

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Written by Luigi Mercantini, the Spigolatrice di Sapri is a poem inspired by the unfortunate expedition of Carlo Pisacane in 1858.

Risorgimento hero of united Italy and precursor of Garibaldi, Pisacane landed in Sapri in 1858 together with 300 men, with the intention of motivating the population of southern Italy to join them to separate from the Kingdom of the two Sicilies and realizing the dream of United Italy.

Unfortunately, due to the betrayal of the locals, Carlo Pisacane and his 300 men were killed by the Bourbon army in Sanza, near Padula ("and from the Certosa the walls were heard blowing trumpets and drums ...").

The Expedition of the 300 is told and perpetuated to children thanks to the poetry of the Gleaner, an invention by Mercantini who personifies a peasant woman, who in collecting the ears of wheat, sees the Pisacane boat on the horizon and tells the deeds (falling in love with it) of that young man with blue eyes and golden hair ".

Today there are many activities in the city of Sapri to commemorate the Pisacane Expedition, such as the historical re-enactment of the Landing (in which the people of Sapri personify the characters of the period with ad hoc clothes), the "Carlo Pisacane" International Prize, the bag studio "Carlo Pisacane" or the installation of a new statue on the seafront of a young woman, with a bunch of ears, intent on looking at the horizon, aiming at the steam with the "tricolor flag".

Made by a Cilento artist, the Gleaner represents a feminine ideal whose transparencies have aroused many clamors, creating two factions: those in favor of the beautiful transparencies of the statue and those who are against it, invoking its demolition as a hymn to "Sexism" .

The clamor and the beauty of the statue have reached the media and social media spotlight both nationally and internationally (up to CNN or Bbc).

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