The path "Appreciate My Donkey"

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The path is called Apprezzami l'Asino. The particular name, originally "Apprezzamm u’Ciucc '", is due to a story as strange as it is sad. At the beginning of the last century, this passage was the only one to connect Sapri and Maratea, and it was a fundamental step for the exchange of goods transported by donkeys. Unfortunately the road in some places is very narrow and steep and the poor animals are unable to retreat. Therefore, when two donkeys met at one of these points, the animal and the load were evaluated. The owner of the less valuable donkey was reimbursed with half of the same value, in exchange he threw both the poor animal and the load off the cliff.

The road in question connects the towns of Sapri and Maratea. The route, although beautiful, as it runs along the sea with overhangs on the latter, is as dangerous as it is breathtaking. The round trip is 10 kilometers long and includes some descents to the sea, very narrow sections and is quite challenging. The route starts from the port of Sapri, where there is a staircase that leads to a wonderful panoramic terrace with a view of the Sapri bay and Mount Bulgheria. The first part of the route is very easy, with many points where you can refresh yourself. The first wonder found along the way is the Torre di Capobianco, one of the many Saracen towers built in southern Italy. The tower rises above the path and you have to look through the trees to see it.

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