The waterfalls of the Capelli di Venere oasis

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We are located in Casaletto Spartano, a small village with just over 1,400 inhabitants in the province of Salerno, not far from the Morigerati oasis, in the green heart of the most pristine Cilento.

The waterfalls originate from the waters of the Rio Bussentino, a tributary of the Bussento river and take their name from the luxuriant growth of the Capelvenere plant, on whose birth an ancient legend is handed down.

The legend of the waterfalls of the Hair of Venus Oasis

It is said that one day the goddess Venus, to rest from the heat and find some peace, went to this wonderful oasis; she loved that place so much that she made it her little secret corner of paradise.

She loved lying on that grass, squinting and listening to the sound of nature in contemplation

From there one day she found a shepherd passing by with her flock. The man heard, not far from her path, the persuasive voice of a girl who delighted in singing and dancing on a beautiful meadow of white daisies. He came closer and could not help but admire her and contemplate her beauty in silence; hopelessly she fell in love with it.

He loved everything about her, her voice, her eyes but above all her long blond hair, gold colored at the sight of her soft like fine silk, they danced with her like soft feathers. She wanted that hair more than anything else in the world and one night, while Venus was sleeping, she came over and cut a nice lock.

The goddess woke up with a start and angry at that cowardly gesture, she turned that lock into water which she immediately slipped from the man's hands, increasing in intensity and volume enough to drown him in a short time.

But Venus was not evil and listening to the screams of the young man she was drowning she tried to save him, but now nothing could block the impetus of the waters that she had unleashed.

Venus understood her bitter gesture and the love the poor shepherd had for her.

She decided, therefore, to transform those waters into waterfalls, born from her hair and from the love of the young shepherd for a goddess.

Where is the Hair of Venus oasis located?

To get to the Capelli di Venere oasis, just take the highway that takes you to Caselle in Pittari from the Buonabitacolo motorway junction. Taking this exit you will have to take the provincial road to Casaletto Spartano.

The route, quite simple and with little traffic, will give you a taste of the beauty of these places (absolutely to visit): tall pines, green flora and a dense undergrowth will be the prelude to the spectacle that awaits you.


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